16.10 - Deployed Dictionary Tab - Teradata Unity

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Teradata Unity
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January 2018
English (United States)
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The Deployed Dictionary shows all objects managed by Unity.

Field Description
Database Name of managed database.
Object Name of managed object.
Object type Object types include: macro, stored procedure, table, user-defined function or view. See Database Objects and Information.
Deterministic Identifies whether the object is deterministic as follows:
  • Checkmark identifies a deterministic object
  • An x identifies a non-deterministic object
  • Overwritten identifies the default setting for determinism was modified
Dictionary Lists the working data dictionary name or unassigned if an object is not in a working dictionary.
Related Object Actions Shows a checkmark if there are related object actions. Related actions are locking actions that are taken when the object is accessed. For example, stored procedures have related actions that include locks on tables during reads or writes.
Systems Shows a checkmark for each system where the object is located. System selections can be changed until a deploy, but not after. The disabled system check box means the object does not exist on that system.