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January 2018
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Activates all systems on initial setup or activates one or more specified systems, creates the transaction table, and verifies the existence of the logging tables. If logging tables do not exist, the command creates the tables on the target system under the user that holds the transactions table. Use for an initial setup or installation where all Teradata Database systems are in the Unrecoverable state and for activating a system when there are other Teradata Database systems already in the Active state.

Running SYSTEM ACTIVATE with the SYNCED FROM clause changes table states to Active.


SYSTEM ACTIVATE ALL | {tdpid [, tdpid, ...]} | [NO TABLES] [REASON '<reason>'|destination tdpid SYNCED FROM source tdpid ;


Places all Teradata Database systems and tables into Active state.
Important: All data must be synchronized across all Teradata Database systems before running the ALL clause.
Unique identifier (TDPID) of a Teradata Database system.
With specifying NO TABLES, target systems specified by <tdpid> [, <tdpid>, ...] are marked Active and all tables in those systems will be Unrecoverable. Without this option, by default all tables are marked Active.
SYNCED FROM source tdpid
Places the Teradata Database system and all common tables between destination tdpid and source tdpid into Active state.

Usage Considerations

When using the SYNCED FROM clause, if the <destination tdpid> Teradata Database system is Unrecoverable, the Teradata Database system must be placed into the Active state before the tables can become Active.

If specific Teradata Database systems are listed, the SYSTEM ACTIVATE command places all specified Teradata Database systems and tables on those Teradata Database systems into Active state. This assumes that all the data on the specified Teradata Database systems has been synchronized across the specified Teradata Database systems.

The NO TABLES option is in conflict with ALL and SYNCED FROM and cannot be used at the same time.

With the NO TABLES option, systems can be activated without SYNCED FROM even though an Active system exists. SYSTEM ACTIVE with option NO TABLES can be applied to Active systems as well. If a system is Active, applying SYSTEM ACTIVE with NO TABLES keeps the system Active and all tables in the system are Unrecoverable.

To run the unsynced SYSTEM ACTIVATE command, all Teradata Database systems must be Unrecoverable.


At the unityadmin prompt:

Input Description
SYSTEM ACTIVATE ALL; The following example demonstrates how to activate all systems that are currently connected to the Sequencer
SYSTEM ACTIVATE tda; The following example demonstrates how to activate the system tda. All other systems are marked unrecoverable
SYSTEM ACTIVATE sys2 SYNCED FROM sys1; The following example demonstrates how to activate synchronized tables in system sys2 from source system sys1
Running SYNCED FROM does not copy data from one system to another. In the above example, the data on sys1 and sys2 must be the same when the command is run.