16.10 - Lock Modes - Teradata Unity

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January 2018
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The following table lists the types of lock modes. It also defines which modes can block or be blocked by another lock mode. These locks are internal to Unity and are not Teradata Database locks.
Lock Mode Blocks/Blocked By Modes
Exclusive Access, Write, Read
Access Exclusive
Write Read, Exclusive, other Writes
Read Write, Exclusive

Unity holds locks for the duration of a transaction. Session mode and TCL statements determine transaction duration. Only one transaction can hold a Write or Exclusive lock on an object at one time, but multiple transactions can be granted Read locks and Access locks simultaneously.

For Read queries, the session isolation level determines whether an Access or Read lock is used. It also determines if any locking modifiers exist in the query and relevant database configuration parameter values. For Write queries, any Read of any object always results in a Read lock. This ensures consistent results across all Teradata systems.