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Client Load Metamodel (CLM)

The Client Load Metamodel (CLM) is an MDS-defined metamodel for the Teradata client load utilities. The metacreate and metamigrate utilities automatically create the CLM in the MDS repository.

The CLM stores meta data information about loading data into the Teradata system through the use of the Teradata client load utilities.

This meta data information includes:

  • Information about a load script and its execution status
  • Information about the data source(s) that are used by the load script
  • Information about the target(s) that are loaded by the load script
  • The CLM is linked to the Database Information Metamodel (DIM) at:

  • The Table level (Script and Source objects to the DIM Table class objects)
  • The View level (Script and Source objects to the DIM View class objects)
  • The Column level (SourceField objects to the DIM Column class objects and the DIM ViewColumn class objects)
  • These linkages will allow users to traverse through both models regardless of the model they started from. The metaclient program is used to load the Client Load meta data information into the CLM.

    The CLM is represented in Figure 14.

    Figure 14: Client Load Metamodel (CLM)