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Generating Dormant Objects

A DIM object will be placed in the dormant state when:

  • CMetaObject::Delete is called
  • The Root class' UseDormantObjects property is set to true
  • The object is in a class that supports dormant objects
  • The object has defined business definitions when one or more of the following is true:
  • A table, view, column, or viewcolumn contains a value in the Description property
  • A table or view has an associated BusinessEntity
  • A column or viewcolumn has an associated BusinessAttribute
  • Rather than deleting the object from the repository, the object will remain in the repository, but the PublishState will be changed to signify a dormant object. At that point, the object will only be visible to selected APIs called by MDS Administrator users; normal non-privileged users will never see the dormant objects.