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Win32 Release Unicode

C/C++ tab
Category: General
   Warning level: Level 3
   Debug info: none
   Optimizations: Maximize Speed
   Preprocessor Definitions:
Category: C++ Language
   Representation method: Best-Case Always *
   Enable exception handling: checked
Category: Code Generation
   Processor: Blend *
   Use run-time library: Multithreaded DLL
   Calling convention: __cdecl *
   Struct member alignment: 8 Bytes *
Category: Customize
   Suppress startup banner and information messages: checked
Category: Optimizations
   Optimizations: Maximize Speed
   Inline function expansion: Only __inline
Category: Precompiled Headers
   Not using precompiled headers: checked
Category: Preprocessor
   Preprocessor Definitions:
   Additional include directories: METAHOME\include        
Link tab
Category: Input
   Object/library modules: add metadku.lib metaoscu.lib
   Additional library path: METAHOME\lib