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COM Libraries

The C++ class library provides access to the repository only for C++ programs. The COM libraries supplement the C++ classes by providing access to the repository using Visual Basic, J++, and scripting languages such as VBScript and JScript.

The following is a summary of the COM classes available in the MetaCOM library. These interfaces are described in detail in Chapter 14: “MetaCOMExport Library.”


Table 2: COM Classes 


Class Name


Create and maintain objects and collections

MetaActive Class

  • Connect to MDS
  • Manage transactions
  • Get object identifiers
  • Create, read and maintain user-defined objects and collections
  • MetaInfo Class

    Get and set the properties of objects

    MetaPropertyItem Class

    Get and set the value of a property

    MetaFilter Class

    Set the search attributes of the filter for use in these functions:

  • GetClassObjectsByProperty
  • GetClassObjectsByRange
  • GetCollectionsByProperty
  • MetaInfoKey Class

    Get and set object keys

    MetaDIMInfo Class

    Get the values of the DIM common properties when reading DIM objects

    MetaHelper Class

    API assist functions

    Managing collection lists


    Manage a list of IMetaInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaInfoKey objects


    Manage a list of IMetaPropertyItem objects


    Manage a list of IMetaFilter objects


    Manage a list of IMetaPropertyInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaRelationshipInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaClassInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaModelInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaUserInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaGroupInfo objects


    Manage a list of IMetaSecProInfo objects

    Create and maintain AIMs


    MetaModelInfo Class

  • Create and manage AIMs
  • Create IMetaUserInfo and IMetaRelationshipInfo objects
  • MetaClassInfo Class

  • Manage used descriptions
  • Create IMetaPropertyInfo objects associated with the class
  • MetaPropertyInfo Class

    Manage property descriptions

    MetaRelationshipInfo Class

    Manage relationship descriptions

    Create and maintain users, application groups, and security profiles


    MetaGroupInfo Class

    Define groups of users who have access to objects in the MDS repository.

    MetaUserInfo Class

  • Create users
  • Change passwords
  • MetaSecProfInfo Class

    Manage security profiles