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When a new version of an object is created, MDS automatically gives the new version the same collection states as the previous version. This is consistent with previous functionality, in that changing the property values through WriteObject() did not affect the object's inclusion in collections. Because the new version is now the current version of the object, changes to the collections of the object will only be reflected in the new version. The previous versions' collections will be frozen to retain their correct historical information.

With source collections, the source objects will have their appropriate collections modified so that the current version of the source object will point to the new version of the current object. For instance, if an application modifies an object in the DIM Table class, the DIM Database object which includes the table object in its DatabaseHasTables collection will now have the new version of the Table object as a destination object. When the application requests the destination objects satisfying the database's DatabaseHasTables relationships, it will be returned the new version of the Table object.

With destination collections, the new object version will have the same destination objects as the previous version. Thus, after the new version is created, a GetDestCollection will return the same values as before the version was created. Changing the Description property of a DIM Table object will create a new version of the object, but it will not change what columns, indices, and so on, the table references, which is the expected functionality.