17.10 - Teradata Transaction Semantics - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
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October 2021
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Programming Reference
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Two modes of transactions are available:
  • Teradata
  • ANSI
If you are using Teradata transaction semantics, there are two types of transactions that differ in the way the application identifies which statements are to share the all-or-none property.
  • Explicit
  • Implicit

All three methods result in all the statements being backed out if any statement fails.

If this transaction type is... The application...
Explicit (user-generated) precedes the statements by a Teradata SQL BEGIN TRANSACTION statement and follows them with a Teradata SQL END TRANSACTION statement.
Implicit submits the statements as a single request