17.10 - FMReq - Call-Level Interface Version 2

Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Workstation-Attached Systems

Call-Level Interface Version 2
Release Number
Release Date
October 2021
Content Type
Programming Reference
Publication ID
English (United States)


Initiates a request specified by one or more Teradata SQL statements and specifies that the results are to be returned in Field Mode.

Usage Notes

If the Teradata SQL request contains a USING row descriptor, this parcel is to be followed by a Data or IndicData parcel.

Parcel Data

This parcel is generated by CLIv2 at the direction of the application.

Flavor Parcel Body Length Parcel Body Fields
13 1 to maximum body size ReqText

Field Notes

ReqText Field contains the Teradata SQL request string.

A request string can contain one or more Teradata SQL statements.

A single-statement request does not have to end with a semicolon.

However, if a request contains more than one statement, the statements must be separated by semicolons and the last statement does not have to end with a semicolon.

The total length of a FMReq must include semicolons.