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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide - Teradata Director Program - 17.20

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If you have already installed the PC communication interface, skip this section.
  1. To use the SVC communication interface, install the following modules:
    • HSIOSSI in the Fixed Link Pack Area (FLPA)
    • TRDTMAS, renamed to the correct SVC module name, in a Pageable Link Pack Area (PLPA or MPLA)
    • The HSIOSSI module must be in Page Fixed memory.
    • The HSISXMS and TDPNSPCI modules are not used for the SVC Communication Interface, so they do not need to be installed in any z/OS Link Pack Area (LPA).
    Teradata Director Program sets the virtual storage address of the HSIOSSI module in the z/OS subsystem control block with the same name as the TDP-ID. While it is possible to use the z/OS system command SETPROG LPA,ADD to dynamically load the HSIOSSI and TRDTMAS modules into the appropriate Link Pack Areas, an HSIOSSI module must not be dynamically deleted until every TDP that has used it has been restarted using a different HSIOSSI or HSISXMS module. To delete an HSIOSSI module prematurely will cause z/OS to consume massive amounts of computer time as it recovers from an ABEND System 0C4 error in end-of-step processing for every z/OS job step that ends before the TDP restart requirement is satisfied.

    To page fix the HSIOSSI load module, add its name to SYS1.PARMLIB(IEAFIXxx). For more details, see the appropriate version of the IBM publication z/OS MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference.

  2. To install the modules, add the following TDP command statement in the TDPPARM data set:


    where nnn is optional. The SVC number may be any number between 200 and 255, inclusive, that is not currently being used. If a number is not specified, 245 is assumed. The TDPPARM data set is described later in this section. For a description of the INITIAL IACMODE command, see Teradata® Director Program Reference, B035-2416.

  3. Rename the TRDTMAS module to a valid SVC name so it can be identified by the operating system.
    The new name is based on the SVC number you have assigned, and should be in the following form:

    where nna is the EBCDIC representation of the signed decimal SVC number that is selected and specified by the INITIAL IACMODE command. The first two characters of this representation are the actual digits but the last character is an indirect representation of the third digit. The following table contains the characters to be used for each possible third digit:

    Third Digit Indirect Representation
    0 {
    1 A
    2 B
    3 C
    4 D
    5 E
    6 F
    7 G
    8 H
    9 I
    For example, if the chosen SVC number is 241, the module name would be IGC0024A.
  4. Select one of the following methods by which the SVC is installed in z/OS:
    • During SMP APPLY processing, TRDTMAS is installed into dbcpfx.LPALIB. The TRDTMAS subsequently needs to be renamed to conform with z/OS SVC naming conventions. The SVC module does not take effect until LPA is refreshed through a CLPA or MLPA IPL.
    • Add the DYNAMIC option to the INITIAL IACMODE SVC command. DYNAMIC indicates that the specified SVC is to be installed into z/OS by TDP when it is started and removed by TDP when it is stopped.