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Teradata® Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide - Teradata Director Program - 17.20

Teradata Tools and Utilities
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September 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities
If you are installing the IBM CICS Interface for Teradata, continue with these steps.
  1. Use the CEDA transaction or the CSD Utility Program (DFHCSDUP) to update the CICS System definition data set (CSD).
    For information on using the CEDA transaction or the DFHCSDUP program, see the IBM manuals CICS/TS for z/OS V2R3 and CICS Operations and Utilities Guide.
  2. Review and if necessary, customize DFHCSDTD for your local installation requirements.
    Teradata supplies a member named DFHCSDTD in dbcpfx.SAMPLIB. The DFHCSDTD member contains a series of DEFINE commands to define the supplied programs, transactions, mapset, and PLTs. The DFHCSDTD member places all Teradata Director Program Reference resources into a GROUP named DBCGRP. You can use a different GROUP name or add a command to ADD or APPEND this GROUP to an existing LIST.
    Once DBCC is started, the HSILGFXT program will remain active for the duration of that execution of CICS, even if DBCC is subsequently shut down. Thus, once DBCC has been started, it will not be possible to use online definition (CEDA) to install the group that contains the definition for the HSILGXT program.