Introduction to the Query Window - SQL Assistant

Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide

SQL Assistant
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The Query Window is a fully functional editing environment that can be used to edit and execute queries. The following list describes some of the features the editor:

  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Automatic syntax coloring and brace matching
    “Setting Code Editor Options” on page 69.
  • Suggestion lists and ‘quick’ function descriptions
    “Using Code Completion” on page 73.
  • Converting of selected text to either upper or lower case
    “The Query Toolbar” on page 166.
  • Inserting or deleting bookmarks
    “Selecting Text and Inserting Bookmarks Using the Query Window Margin” on page 65.
  • Making white space characters visible
    “The Query Toolbar” on page 166
  • Recording and playing back of keystroke macros
    “Recording and Executing Query Window Macros” on page 82.
  • A full compliment of command and cursor control shortcut keys
    “General Command Shortcut Keys” on page 177 and “Window Control Shortcut Keys” on page 181.
  • The results from the query are placed into one or more Answerset windows. Alternatively, the results can be written directly to a file.

    Queries can consist of one or more statements, and can return zero or more Answersets. Enter SQL, DDL, or DML into the Query Window.

    Comments can be added to queries. These comments are stored in the history database as part of the query.

    When the Query Window is active, the menus, commands, and tools available pertain only to that window.