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Saving a Query

There are three ways to save queries in Teradata SQL Assistant, the basic Save, Save As, and a Quick Save. The following procedure explains Save and Save As. See also Performing a Quick Save.

1 From an active Query Window, do one of the following:

  • Select File > Save As
  • Select File > Save
  • Click or .
  • Press Ctrl+S
  • 2 In the Save Query dialog box, enter a file name.

    3 From the Save As Type menu, select the file type:

  • SQL (.sql)
  • definitions (.ddl)
  • text (.txt)
  • rich text format (.rtf)
  • Unicode Text (.txt)
  • Note: The file types listed in the Save Query dialog box are only suggestions. If you want Teradata SQL Assistant to automatically launch when you double-click the file, select either the .sql or .ddl file type. To store the colors as well as the text so it can be viewed by most word processing applications, select the .rtf file type.

    4 Select a location, and click Save.