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Setting Export/Import Options

This section explains the Export/Import tab in the Options dialog box. See “Setting Export Options” on page 132 for more information on setting the Export tab and “Setting Import Options” on page 133 for setting the Import tab.

After selecting any of these options, follow the instructions on “Exporting Results” on page 129 to learn how to export results.

After exporting an Answerset, the status bar across the bottom of the main window provides the status of the action.

1 Select Tools > Options.

2 Click the Export/Import tab.

3 Select the options you want.

The following table explains each option.


Table 25: Import/Export Tab in the Options Dialog Box 



Use this delimiter between columns

Defines the column delimiter. The default value is Tab. This same character is expected to delimit the data fields in an Import file. For Import operations, ensure this character does not occur within any of the data fields unless all data values are enclosed in quotes

Enclose column data in

  • Double Quotesencloses column data values in double-quotes
  • Single Quotes encloses column data values in single-quotes
  • Nothing the data values are not enclosed in quotes. This is the default value.
  • For more information, see “Default Preferences (Options)” on page 156.