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By customizing menus and toolbars, you can remove commands you never use or add commands you frequently use.

Some commands have images associated with them so you can quickly associate the command with the corresponding image. You can drag a command to a menu or toolbar to make the command easier to gain access to.

We recommend customizing the shortcut menus and toolbars, and limit customizing main menus to only changing the order of menu commands. This enables the procedures in this user guide to correspond to the set up on your PC.

To find information on main menu items, refer to the Index under the main menu name.

Note: When you customize the menus or toolbars, your preferences are saved in a file named Toolbars.config located in \Users\<username>\AppData\Teradata\SQL Assistant.

This section contains the following information about the customization of menus and toolbars:

  • Adding a Command to a Menu or Toolbar
  • Menu Commands Only
  • Removing a Command from a Menu or Toolbar
  • Moving a Command
  • Adding or Removing a Break Between Commands
  • Changing the Name for a Command
  • Assigning or Changing a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Changing Menu Behavior
  • Showing Recently Used Commands First
  • Resetting the Default Menu Bar
  • Hiding the Toolbars
  • Showing or Hiding Toolbar Screen Tips
  • Adding, Removing, Renaming, or Resetting a Toolbar