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Merging Cells in the Answerset

Use this option to merge the cells in a column.

You can select one or more columns. (If you select only one or more cells, the merge applies to the entire column(s) of the cells selected)

If consecutive rows contain the same data (within any of the selected columns), those cells appear as a single 'merged' cell.

If you have previously applied 'Merge Cells' to a column, applying it again restores the column(s) to an un-merged state.

This option merges only cells that contain the same data. Cells with other data in the same column do not merge. If there are no consecutive cells with the same data, nothing happens. This is not an error.

1 Select the column that contains cells you want to merge.

2 Do one of the following:

  • Right-click the selected column and select Merge Cells.
  • Click on the Answerset toolbar.