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Before You Begin

The data values required in a query are normally entered as part of the query. The import mode allows you to enter a query containing one or more parameter markers. The data to be used in place of these parameter markers is read from a delimited text file. The query is submitted one time for every record in this input file. The entire query or selected portion is submitted as a single request.

What types of statements you can issue

You can issue any SQL, Data Manipulation Language (DML) or Data Definition Language (DDL) statement containing one or more placeholders. The statement is executed one time for each record in the supplied import file. The placeholders are replaced with data values in the corresponding record of the file.

Note: DML usually refers to INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements. DDL statement usually refers to CREATE, DROP, ALTER, SHOW, HELP, and other statements.

What type of files you can import

The import file can be any delimited text file containing the correct number of data values in each record. You can create such a file from a query, using a text editor, or by saving spreadsheet data in a delimited text format.

Skipping the First Line (Header) of Imported files

If the file you are importing contains headers, you can skip the header record by doing the following.

1 Select Tools > Options.

2 Select the Import tab.

3 Select the option Ignore the first record in the file (Skip Header).