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Exporting Results

Before running a query, you can redirect the Answerset.

1 Select File > Export Results.

2 Enter a statement in the Query Window.

3 Execute the query by clicking on the toolbar.

4 In the Export File dialog box, enter a file name.

5 From the Save As Type menu, select a file type.

  • If you select a Microsoft Access database table (.mdb) the query must consist of a single statement that returns only one Answerset. If the database or table does not exist, one is created for you.
  • If you select a delimited text file (.txt), the query can return multiple Answersets. If the specified file already exists, Teradata SQL Assistant asks you if you want to replace or append to the file.
  • If you select an HTML file (.htm). the query exports the results into an .htm format that can be viewed as a web page.
  • 6 When the export operation is complete, a confirmation message appears in the Export Bar immediately below the toolbars.

    Note: The delimiter and quotes used for exporting to a delimited text file can be set in the Options dialog box, Export tab. To set the quotes or the delimiter, see “Setting Export/Import Options” on page 131.


    The export option remains in effect until you click the Export option again to cancel it.