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Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide

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Displaying the Shortcut Menu

The following table describes the commands on the default shortcut menu.

  • Do one of the following:
  • Right click in the Query Window.
  • Press Shift-F10.
  • Press the Context Menu key on your keyboard.

    Table 16: The Query Window Shortcut Menu Commands and Descriptions 




    Submits the query currently in the Query Window. Each statement in the query is submitted separately to the database.

    Query Builder

    Helps you create statements in the Query Window.

    Add to Favorites

    Saves the current query to a list of favorites which can be reused from Query Builder.


    Cuts the selected text from the Query Window and places it to the Clipboard.


    Copies the selected text from the currently active window to the Clipboard.


    Pastes the contents of the Clipboard into the query at the current insertion point.


    Displays the Find String in Query dialog box, allowing you to search for a particular string in the currently active window. Find highlights the first occurrence of the string.

    Repeated use of the Find Next button highlights successive occurrences of the search string.

    Find Next

    Finds the next occurrence of the string that was specified in the previous Find command. If you have not yet issued a Find command, it acts as a Find command


    Finds and replaces any, or all, occurrences of a particular string in the Query Window. This command is useful for quickly replacing a string that occurs multiple times in your query. For example, use this command to change the name of a database referenced multiple times within a macro or script.

    Format Query

    Formats a query based on a search for specific keywords.

    Set Font

    Displays a Font dialog box allowing you to change the font used in the current window.

    The Font Name and Font Size attribute are saved for future use. Separate values are stored for each type of window.

    Select All

    Selects all the text in the current window. All text is highlighted and future actions apply to the entire window as a whole.

    The primary use of this function allows you to copy the query to the Clipboard.

    Insert date

    Inserts today’s date into the query at the current insertion point. If part of the query is selected, this function replaces the selected text with today’s date.

    The format of the date is always 'yyyy-mm-dd' enclosed in quotes, or in '#' signs for Microsoft Access.

    Audible Notification

    Causes the system to beep when the query is complete and all data has been returned to your PC. The beep also occurs if the query times out, the number of rows exceeds the output limit, or the query is canceled.

    Minimize on Execution

    When selected, automatically minimizes the Teradata SQL Assistant window when a query is being processed.

    Prompt for Notes

    An input dialog box displays whenever you submit a query to enter a note that is stored in the history table along with the query.