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Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows User Guide

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Displaying the Shortcut Menu

The following table describes all of the commands on the default menu.

  • Do one of the following:
  • From any table inside the Answerset window, click the right mouse button.
  • Press Shift+F10.

    Table 28: The Answerset Window Shortcut Menu Commands and Descriptions 



    Toggle SQL / Answer

    Toggles between the data in the Answerset and the SQL used to get the answer.


    Copies the selected text from the currently active window to the Clipboard.

    Copy as HTML

    Copies the selected text from the currently active window to the Clipboard in HTML format.


    Displays the Find String in Answerset dialog box, allowing you to search for a particular string in the currently active window. See “Finding a Text String in the Results Grid” on page 112.

    Find Next

    Finds the next instance of search item.

    Add Totals

    Displays totals at the bottom for numeric columns. The totals remain after the Answerset has been sorted.

    Totals do not appear in future Answerset windows unless Add Totals is activated again.


    Displays the Chart Definition dialog. For more information see “Working with Charts” on page 126.


    Displays the Sort Answerset dialog box. For more information, see “Sorting an Answerset” on page 117.

    Wrap Text

    Selecting Wrap Text causes text that is too long to fit within the selected cells to be wrapped into multiple lines.

    Selecting this item when the selected cells are already wrapped returns the text in those cells to a single line.

    Merge Cells

    Merges selected cells in a column in the Answerset. See “Merging Cells in the Answerset” on page 109 for more information.

    Decimal Places

    Allows you to specify decimal places (0 to 4) in cells with numbers. Applies only to the column or columns selected. Applies to all rows even if all rows are not highlighted. For more information, see “Formatting an Answerset” on page 126.

    Format Cells

    Allows you to format the color, font name, font style, and font size of a block of cells, individual cells, rows, columns, or the entire spreadsheet. It also allows you to add or remove decimal places and thousand separators. For more information, see “Formatting an Answerset” on page 126.

    Set Font

    Displays a Font dialog box allowing you to change the font in the cells in the Answerset window. This new font is also used in all future Answersets.

    The Font Name and Font Size attribute are saved for future use. Separate values are stored for each type of window.

    Allow Grouping

    Displays a Group Bar above the spreadsheet.

    Freeze Column(s)

    Selecting this item “freezes” the left most columns, preventing them from being scrolled off the screen when you scroll a wide Answerset to the right. All columns up to the current column or cell are frozen.

    Select Freeze Columns a second time to unfreeze the columns. The default for Freeze Columns is off.

    Move Column(s)

    Places you into “Move Columns” mode, allowing you to re-arrange the columns by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the desired position. To switch off Move Columns mode, select this item a second time. The default for Move Columns mode is off.

    Note: While in this mode, columns can no longer be selected by clicking on their column headers.

    Hide Column(s)

    Hides a single or a multiple of columns. Select the column(s) you want hidden and click Hide Column(s).

    Show all Columns

    Redisplays any hidden columns.


    Displays or hides the gridlines in the Answerset window. You can toggle the gridlines On or Off.

    Column Headers

    Displays or hides column headers. You can toggle the column headers On or Off.

    Row Headers

    Displays or hides row headers. You can toggle the row headers On or Off.

    Do Not Close

    Prevent an Answerset window from automatically closing when a new query is executed.

    If On, the current Answerset window does not close when a new query is run, even if the automatic closing of Answerset windows option is in effect. For more information on this option, see “Closing Answerset Windows Before Submitting a New Query” on page 108.

    If Off, this Answerset window is closed when a new query is executed.