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Vantage Analyst with Machine Learning Engine User Guide

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Vantage Analyst
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December 2019
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Teradata Vantage™
Path helps track paths that lead to an outcome, including that of customer behavior:
  • Path-to-purchase
  • Abandoned cart analysis
  • Path-to-churn
  • Patient journeys, such as hospital readmission
  • Paths leading to fraudulent activity
You can also use Path to find previously unknown patterns in TimeSeries Data, such as discovering hidden/unexpected chain of events that may contribute to a specific event or getting answers to questions that lead to defined outcomes:
  • “What are customers’ dominant paths to contract cancellation?”
  • “Which paths of equipment symptoms lead to the equipment’s failure?”
Model enables the prediction of outcomes. Common business use cases include:
  • Marketing offers and recommendation propensity
  • Churn-risk scoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Healthcare prediction
Create, train, and score predictive models using Model in scenarios such as the following:
  • Predict future likeliness of a specific desired or undesired action among a set of data:
    • “Which customers will likely to cancel contract?”
    • “Which products will likely to experience critical failure?”
  • Create a predictive model, evaluate its accuracy, and measure lift per decile
Cluster to group entities together based on similar data attributes. These attribute could be customers, patients or even equipment units. You can then use these groups, or clusters, to target entities for specific actions such as:
  • Grouping customer s by usage data and profiles to generate personalized messages and offers
  • Reviewing equipment work and repair history for proactive maintenance to reduce failures
With Text, you can apply multiple analytics to freeform text.
  • Through sentiment analysis, you can measure positive and negative customer sentiment
  • With key terms analysis, you can extract frequently used words and phrases. You can apply weighting to unique and common words in each document to discover trends provide deeper insights.
Use Workflow to create and automate analytic workflows:
  • Quickly operationalize analytic processes as a repeatable workflow using drag-and-drop UI
  • Link a series of queries, analytics, and rules as a workflow
  • Collaborate best practices with others by sharing queries and analytics