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Teradata Analytic Apps
Vantage Analyst
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December 2019
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Path has options to make pathing more meaningful and identify event patterns.
  • Filter events to remove "noise"
  • Select multiple events for start and end points (Event A and Event B)
  • Identify events as anchors using the nPath function that let you define patterns that start and end with a specific event.
  • Specify date ranges to set up pathing patterns against large event tables

These features allow for an agile, interactive discovery session to control data, identify more complex patterns, and uncover opportunities to create the segment that feeds into workflows or Vantage Customer Experience customer lists.

Selecting multiple end points for Event A and Event B provides flexibility in defining a pathing pattern.

The nPath function supports starting and ending anchors where you define patterns that must start and end with a particular event. Within a mortgage application, you can select the Newsletter email event as the starting anchor and Agent Call as the ending anchor. Run the analysis to identify the paths customers followed between those points, and contact customers with follow-up calls.