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Cost Profiles

Select the Cost Profiles check box to export cost profiles from a target system.

To change the cost profile export options

1 From an export dialog box, click Options.

The Export Options dialog box appears.

2 [Optional] In the Profile Name box, type a new file name.

By default, the Profile Name box displays the file name entered when choosing an export method in the Export from Teradata Database dialog box.

3 To capture specific cost profiles, click Select Rows.

The Export Cost Profiles dialog box appears.

4 Define the way that cost profiles are exported.




Capture from Source

Export cost profiles from DBC.CostProfiles_v.

This option exports cost profiles after capturing the profiles from the target system.

Capture Current Cost Profile

Export the active cost profile from the target system.

Set Cost Profile

Set and then export the cost profile.

Only one cost profile can be set for a system. Using this option is similar to using a DIAGNOSTIC SET PROFILE statement.

Note: This option is available only when exporting by query. TLE must be turned on before setting a cost profile. Be aware that TLE might cause system performance degradation. For more information about TLE, refer to SQL Request and Transaction Processing B035-1142.

5 Click OK to close the Export Cost Profiles dialog box and return to the Export Options dialog box.

6 Click OK to close the Export Options dialog box.