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Load a Query from IPE Plans List

1 Click IPE Plans

The Dynamic Plans dialog appears.

Figure 6: Dynamic Plans Dialog

2 Select one or more queries by using one of the following options:

  • Select one query.
  • Hold Shift or Ctrl while selecting multiple queries.
  • Click Select All to select all queries.
  • 3 Click OK.

    All selected queries are added under Selected Queries in the Export by Query dialog box.

    Note: To remove a query, select the query and click Remove.

    4 Under Export Options, select check boxes to define the exported information.

    Query text is retrieved from the XML Plan document available in SystemFE.Opt_XMLPlan_Table. See “Export Options”on page 79.

    Specifying USING Clause Values

    For queries that the user inputs manually or selects from a file, TSET submits a DUMP EXPLAIN or INSERT EXPLAIN query to export execution plan information. If the query includes the USING clause, TSET displays the Input USING Values to capture specific plans screen.

    Figure 7: USING Values to Capture Specific Plans

    Use this screen to specify values for the USING clause shown for each selected query.

    The Using Variables fields display data in the Name field and Datatype field. Enter data values in the Value column for each query listed in the Using Query edit box.

    Click OK to export specific execution plans that contain values for the USING clause.

    Click Ignore to capture generic execution plans.

    Click Ignore All to capture generic plans for all other export queries containing the USING clause.