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View Machine Configuration

After performing an export operation review the configuration of a source machine to estimate the import time.

While preparing emulation information for import, it might be helpful to refer to the configuration of the target system in order to identify compatible systems.

To view target system configuration information

This procedure requires a connection to a Teradata Database.

1 From the Import window, click .

The Source Machine Configuration dialog box appears and displays details about the machine from which the system information was exported.

Figure 11: Source Machine Configuration

Table 10: Source Machine Configuration Description

Row Name


Exported Option

Type of export used (database, query, or workload)


Teradata software version used


Teradata software release used


Date the system information was exported


Time the system information was exported


Character set used with the exported system information

Machine Name

Name of the machine from which the system information was exported

Note: For a CLIv2 connection, the system name typed in the hosts file. For an ODBC connection, the name typed under Teradata Server Info in the ODBC Driver Setup for Teradata Database dialog box. See Chapter 2“Connection Methods”

Number of AMPs

Number of AMPs configured on the machine

Number of PEs

Number of parsing engines (PEs) present on the machine

Number of Nodes

Number of nodes connected to the system

Note: A node is a hardware assembly that contains several tightly coupled CPUs.


Model number of the machine

Note: The physical configuration boxes (Number of AMPs, Number of PEs, Number of Nodes, and Model) are only available if the user has necessary access rights on the target system. See “Export Rights” on page 21.

2 [Optional] Click to start the import.

See “Import to a Test System” on page 95.