Step 2c - Set Confirmation Options - Teradata Administrator

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Teradata Administrator
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Use the following procedure to set the confirmation options.

1 From the main window, click Tools > Options.

2 Click the Confirmation tab.

3 Set your confirmation preferences by choosing the following:

  • Confirm all Copy Operations – Displays a confirmation message before executing a command to copy a table, view, or macro.
  • Confirm all Delete or Drop Operations – Displays a confirmation message before executing a command to delete any database object.
  • Confirm Close Window or Disconnect actions – Displays a confirmation message before executing a disconnect command, or closing a root window.
  • Warn if an Expanded Account String is invalid– Displays a warning if an expanded account string is invalid.
  • Preview SQL before submitting it – Select to view the SQL text in a Query window before it is submitted for processing. See the results of your changes, and then change them again if needed. For more information on this option, see “Preview Mode” on page 37.
  • Note: When using any of the dialog boxes from the Tools menu to create, clone, or modify databases or database objects, or to grant or revoke user privileges, Teradata Administrator generates the SQL text to perform the specified task.

    4 Continue setting operational preferences using “Step 2d - Set Browse Options” on page 38, or click OK to save your changes and exit the dialog box.