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Teradata Administrator
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For an overview of the capabilities of Teradata Administrator and an introduction to the graphical interface including the­ menu bar, see Chapter 2: “Getting Started with Teradata Administrator.”

To get familiar with the Teradata Administrator interface, see the following chapters:




Set up the initial installation of Teradata Administrator, set operational preferences and log on to the Teradata Database

Chapter 3: “Configuring Teradata Administrator”

Perform general operations with the Teradata Database

Chapter 4: “Working with Databases”

Work with users, profiles, roles and modifying databases

Chapter 5: “Performing Maintenance Tasks”

Grant or revoke access rights for various objects

Chapter 6: “Setting Access Rights”

Work with access and query logs

Chapter 7: “Setting Rules for Logging”

View detailed information on the Teradata Database

Chapter 8: “Displaying Database Information”

View detailed information on various objects in the Teradata Database

Chapter 9: “Displaying Object Information”

Work with SQL queries

Chapter 10: “Working With Queries”