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The Transfer Progress View displays a list of executing data transfer jobs and their status. It provides information about the source and destination tables for the data transfer, name of the transfer job, and start time, as well as the current elapsed time for the transfer operation. A progress bar appears in the right-most column for each executing job and shows the current progress state of the transfer compared to the estimated length of time to completion.

The Transfer Progress View runs a single job to completion before it starts the next job. If multiple jobs are submitted at the same time, the jobs are placed in a queue and run in sequence.

If you close Teradata Studio while jobs are running or queued, the jobs are canceled. Canceled jobs are moved to the History View where you can re-execute the jobs at a later time. If you close the view and need to re-open it, go to Window > Window > Transfer Progress View. The Transfer Progress View automatically displays when you select the Data Transfer perspective.

Transfer Progress view
List of Transfer Jobs
The view displays a list of the data transfer jobs that are currently executing. After a job completes, you can view the transfer report in the Transfer History View and re-execute the job if needed.
Job Information
The view provides the following details for each data transfer job.
Menu Description
Job Type Indicates the system type (Aster, Hadoop, or Teradata) and the type of transfer job; for example, whether the job is an Aster Load, Teradata Table Copy, Import from Hadoop to Teradata, or Export from Teradata to Hadoop.
Name Displays the name which can be changed before the job begins in the setup wizard or after the job has completed in the Transfer History View. By default, the name of the job is the job type followed by the name of the table that is being transferred.
Start Time Displays the time stamp for the start of the data transfer operation.
Time Elapsed Displays how long the job has been running. The entry displays "CANCELING" if the transfer is in the process of being canceled. The elapsed time value is updated continuously until the transfer completes.
Summary Displays the names of the source and destination tables for the transfer job.
Progress When a transfer job is running, the Progress bar shows the percentage of completion by displaying a green bar that gradually expands in length as the job progresses.
Progress Bar
The view displays a list of the data transfer jobs that are currently executing. After a job completes, it becomes an entry in the Transfer History View.
Queue List
Transfer jobs run one at a time. If a job is already running, the next job request is placed in the queue and designated as "queued" in the Progress column.
Use the Transfer Progress View toolbar to cancel any jobs that are running and to view additional details about a job in the view list.
Icon Menu Description
"" Cancel Cancels the selected job in progress. The canceled job displays in the Transfer History View.
"" Transfer Details Opens the Transfer Details dialog that displays the output from the transfer job while it is running. After the job completes, the output is available in the Transfer History View.