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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

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September 2022
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The Advanced Find Object ("") feature enables you to find all database objects that match a certain text pattern. It searches the referenced Connection Profile for objects names that match the text pattern.

Option Description
List of Databases or Connection Profiles available for the search If you opened Advanced Find Objects dialog from the Databases Folder, a list of databases for the given Connection Profile appears. If you opened the Advanced Find Objects dialog from the Advanced Search button in the simple Find Object dialog at the highest level in the Data Source Explorer, the list of Connection Profiles appears.

You can use the arrows to move single selected items to or from the list of objects to be searched. The double arrows allow you to move all available objects to or from the list to be searched.

Search constraint The Find Objects feature uses the search constraint to build a search pattern out of the search value.
You must use the backward slash character '\' as the escape character when entering the special search characters, '\', '_', and '%', in your search pattern. The '_' (low line) character represents exactly one arbitrary character. The '%' (percent sign) character represents any string of zero or more arbitrary characters.
Types of search constraint are as follows:
Search Option Description
Starts with the characters Search value is appended with a '%' character.
Ends with the characters Search value is prepended with a '%' character.
Contains the characters '%' character is added to the begging and end of the search value.
Anonymous Name Search Searches for anonymous or empty name values. Anonymous names are valid only for Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check Constraint, and Index names. All other object type name options are disabled.
Enter a valid SQL search pattern Use for a custom search pattern. The search pattern follows the standard database search pattern as used for the Teradata 'LIKE' option pattern match. For example, if you want to search for all names that have exactly one character after the word 'cust', the custom pattern would be 'cust_'. Or if you want to search all names that match 'sales100%', then the search pattern would be 'sales100\%'.
Use the '\' as the escape character when entering the special search characters, '\', '_', and '%', in the search pattern.
Search Value The text value to search for.
Limit size of search result to: The limit to the size of the search result list. Valid values are between 1 and 500.
Object Types Names you want to compare with the search value. This list is dependent on where in the Data Source Explorer tree you invoke the Find Objects dialog. For example, if you selected a Stored Procedures folder, the Stored Procedure Name and Parameter Name object type options display.
Select All Selects all of the Object Type names presented.
Clear All Clears all of the Object Type names presented.

Advanced Find Results

The find results are displayed in the Find Results tab in the Object Viewer. The tab shows a list of the objects found that match the search pattern in the Advanced Find Objects dialog. The list displays as a table grouped by object types:
  • Tables
  • Macros
  • Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions
  • User Defined Types
  • Views
Within each object type category, it is further grouped by sub-element, such as:
  • Columns
  • Constraints
  • Triggers for Tables
  • Parameters for Macros and Stored Procedures
  • Columns for Views