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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

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September 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

The Result Set Viewer provides an enhanced view of the result set, including options to hide columns, filter on column values, find column values, copy data to the clipboard, format cell data, and switch between grid and text view. The result set is displayed in its own view with its own toolbar.

You can change preferences to customize the view by, for example, displaying alternating row background colors, enabling or disabling row numbers, column headers, table grid lines, and thousand separator on numeric columns. You can change the max display row count, as well as the display null value and date format. For more information, see Setting Result Set Viewer Preferences.

Result Set Viewer actions:
Option Description
Sort Column Click the column header. An arrow appears indicated the direction of the sort, ascending or descending order. Clicking a third time returns the column back to its original order.
Move Column Select a column and drag it just past the new position.
Long Text Display If a cell contains text that exceeds the length specified by the Long Text Boundary Size in the Result Set Viewer Preference, only the first 20 characters of the text is displayed. Double-click the data to display the full text.
LOB Display When a result set contains CLOBs (Character Large Objects) or BLOBs (Binary Large Objects), a dialog appears that enables you to indicate whether to save the LOB to a file and the file location, as well as whether to display images in the Result View.