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Teradata® Studio™ Express User Guide - 17.20

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September 2022
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Teradata Tools and Utilities

Find Object

Find Object ("") enables you to find a database object in the Data Source Explorer that matches a certain text value. It begins the search from the point selected in the Data Source Explorer and returns the first object whose name matches the text pattern.

The search is not case-sensitive.

Find Next

Find Next ("") finds the next database object of the same object type that matches the text value, expands it, and selects it in the Data Source Explorer.

Option Description
Search Value Specifies a value to search for. You can use the database 'LIKE' syntax to provide a more expanded search. The 'LIKE' syntax includes a percent sign ('%') and low line character ('_' ). The percent sign character represents any string of zero or more arbitrary characters. The low line character represents exactly one arbitrary character. For example, the search value of 'emp%' finds the first object whose name starts with 'emp'.
You must use the backward slash character '\' as the escape character when entering the special search characters, '\', '_', and '%', in your search value. For example, 'emp\%' searches for the first object whose name equals 'emp%'.
Object Type Selects the object type from the list of object types for which you want to search.
Find Starts the search process.
Advanced Find Opens the Advanced Find dialog.
Reset Resets the Search Value to an empty field and the Object Type for the selected location in the Data Source Explorer.