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September 2022
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The Table Data Editor provides several ways to filter table data:

Use the Data Filter dialog to set filter rules to define which data is loaded and displayed in the Table Data Editor. Each time you use this dialog, the data is reloaded into the editor based on the rules you specify. To access the Data Filter dialog, click "" in the Table Data Editor toolbar.

Filter Tab

Move column names from the Table Column list to the Sort Column list to indicate on which columns to sort to display data in the Table Data grid.

Option Description
Column Names Lists names of columns in table.
Types Lists data type for each column in Column Names.
Select By Select a filter operator from the list and type a valid value or character string. For example, if values in Column1 are type INTEGER, and you filter to display only rows greater than (>) 5999, the Table Data grid refreshes to show all rows with the value 6000 or more.

Sort Tab

Use fields and radio buttons in this section to indicate how you want columns sorted.

Option Description
Table Columns Lists all columns by name in the table.
Ascending Orders the Table Columns list from the smallest or lowest to the largest or higher value. For example, A to Z or 1 to 100.
Descending Orders the Table Columns list from the largest or higher value to the smallest or lowest value. For example, Z to A or 100 to 1.
Sort Columns Lists one or more columns in the order on which to sort.
Up Select a column in the Sort Columns list and click Up to move it up in the list order.
Down Select a column in the Sort Columns list and click Up to move it up in the list order.