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Teradata Vantageā„¢ on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Vantage on VMware
Release Number
Deployer 3.04
October 2021
English (United States)
Last Update
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The file contains the specifications needed by the deployment executable file to install and configure a VM for Vantage or other Teradata software.

Set the values in the file for each Vantage on VMware deployment.

Unless otherwise indicated, all property settings are required.

Property Category Properties Desc
VMware Host Details ESXiHost Name of the VMware host. For example:
ESXi Datastore OS_Datastore ESXi datastore where this VM instance will reside.

For example: esxhost01.datastore

This datastore is only used for the VM instances and for Vantage storage.

Make sure the value of ESXI Datastore does not match the pattern of the PDisk Datastore Match Criteria property in the properties file.
VM Name vmName Unique name for the virtual machine where each software package will be deployed.
Ethernet Network (Public/Customer) eth0 Static IPv4 addresses are preferred.
If IPAddressSetting is dhcp, eth0 is not required.
VM Types to Deploy vmType Type of virtual machine images to deploy.
  • vmType:tpa for an SQL Engine VM
  • vmType:cmic for a Server Management VM
  • vmType:dsu for a DSC VM
  • vmType:vp for a Viewpoint and Query Service VM
.ova File Path Template Refer to one of the following for the Windows file path to the .ova file location: