15.10 - Teradata PT Cataloged Procedure (PT#TPT) - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter User Guide

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A sample Teradata PT catalogued procedure has been included. There are 2 jobsteps.

  • The first jobstep, ALLOC, allocates the checkpoint datasets if necessary.
  • If they exist, the Teradata PT job uses the contained information in restart mode. ALLOC always deletes the log dataset, if it exists, and allocates a new log for the current job.

  • The second jobstep, TPT, executes Teradata PT.
  • Use symbolic parameters to specify the script and job attribute files, enter any Teradata PT parameters, and create a unique high-level qualifier for the checkpoint and log datasets.

    See PT$TPTAL for an example of how symbolic parameters are set.