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Error Capture

The APPLY statement that invokes the Stream operator provides DML error option attributes that tell the Update operator what to do with errors. These options allow you to mark or ignore error conditions, such as duplicate rows and missing rows. Marked error conditions are directed to the error table.

These MARK/IGNORE options are:

  • DUPLICATE ROWS (for both insert and update operations)
  • DUPLICATE INSERT ROWS (for insert operations)
  • DUPLICATE UPDATE ROWS (for update operations)
  • MISSING ROWS (both update and delete operations)
  • MISSING UPDATE ROWS (for update operations)
  • MISSING DELETE ROWS (for delete operations)
  • Specify these options in the APPLY statement, immediately following the DML statements to which they apply, to control error handling for those DML statements by the Update operator.

    Note: If neither option is specified in the APPLY statement, MARK is the default condition.

    For more information, see “APPLY Statement” in the Teradata Parallel Transporter Reference.