15.10 - Exporting and Loading Metadata - Parallel Transporter

Teradata Parallel Transporter User Guide

Parallel Transporter
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Operational metadata are stored in the following Teradata PT predefined private logs for each job:

  • TWB_STATUS log
  • TWB_SRCTGT log
  • TWB_EVENTS log
  • Using the data schema described in “Viewing Metadata” on page 254, operational metadata from these logs can be loaded into Teradata tables for SQL access. Use the scripts supplied in the Samples directory that is installed with Teradata PT. The script samples include instructions.

  • To export performance and statistical metadata, use the script named twb_status.txt.
  • To load operator source and target metadata, use the script named twb_targets.txt.
  • To load job event metadata, use the script named twb_events.txt
  • SQL examples for extracting operational metadata from Teradata tables are also stored in the Teradata PT Samples directory as follows:

  • sql1.txt demonstrates how to extract job performance and statistical metadata.
  • sql2.txt demonstrates how to extract job operator source and target metadata.
  • Each of the SQL files also provides examples for using an SQL join to extract combined metadata results from the operational metadata tables.