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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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July 2017
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As described in the Aster AppCenter User Guide, AppCenter is a platform that enables developers to build, execute, and share Big-Data apps. It enables non-technical people to run the apps, visually study the data, and share their insights with others. Using the Publish Analysis, Teradata Warehouse Miner users can transform the product's generated SQL for Analytic Data Set (ADS) and Scoring analyses into Apps residing on an AppCenter server. The functionality enabled by this is quite similar to that provided by publishing to the Model Manager web-based application that is a component of the Teradata Warehouse Miner or Teradata ADS Generator products. Depending on the type of database you are connected to, AppCenter support is provided for either Aster or Teradata.

The ADS and Reorganization categories of analysis, along with the Free Form SQL analysis can be used to create APPs. The Variable Creation analysis can be used to call SQL-MR functions, and can also be used to create score tables, as can the Free Form SQL analysis. While analyses in the Descriptive Statistics or Statistical Tests categories cannot be published directly, the SQL can be captured and placed in a Free Form SQL analysis and published from there. Note, however, that the SQL generated by the algorithms in the Analytics category may not be published.