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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

Teradata Warehouse Miner
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The Teradata Warehouse Miner toolbar consists of several icons that provide a single-click interface to many important Teradata Warehouse Miner features.

Toolbar Icons
Icon Tooltip Description
Add New Project Create a new Teradata Warehouse Miner data mining project.
Add New Analysis Add a Teradata Warehouse Miner analysis to the currently open data mining project. Brings up a dialog to select any of the available analyses.
Add Existing Analysis Add copies of one or more existing analyses to the currently selected project.
Open Project Add one or more existing projects to the project workspace.
Save Project Save the specified data mining project, and all the analyses within the project.
Save All Save all the currently open data mining projects, and all the analyses within those projects.
Run Execute the currently selected analysis.
Stop Stop the currently executing and selected analysis
Open Connection Display the Open Connection dialog. This is much like the standard ODBC connection dialog except that it supports Simple (IP Address/Host Name) connections in addition to System, User and File DSNs.
Connection Properties Display the Connection Properties dialog as illustrated above.

The last item on the toolbar is the name of the data source that will be used to connect, or blank if no connection has yet been established. Note that this is not a persistent connection; connection pooling is used to obtain a connection only when needed.

Other than the New Project, Open Project, Open Connection, and Connection Properties icons, any toolbar icon can be grayed out, depending upon the connection state, and whether or not a project has been opened and/or created by the GUI.