Silent - Teradata Warehouse Miner - 5.4.4

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The Silent element is optional and is used to specify that the run will be in silent mode, the front end will not be displayed, and the product will exit when all of the projects specified in this XML file are executed. This is the preferred method for most batch processing. The Silent element takes a single attribute, fileName, that is optional but recommended, and specifies the fully qualified file that will record output from the silent session. Note, however, that if the silent log path is invalid, TWMSilentLog.txt is created in the TWM application directory.

In silent mode, some analysis options such as not storing the output in a table, view or procedure, or only generating (but not executing) the SQL have limited or no value because, in these cases, the results will never be seen.

If the Silent element is not specified, the projects specified will be loaded and the last loaded project may optionally be executed in interactive mode. Note that the XML elements to define new analyses or to modify existing analyses are not supported in non-silent mode, nor is the execution of individual analyses or the run-to-end option.