TWM Metadata - Teradata Warehouse Miner - 5.4.4

Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

Teradata Warehouse Miner
User Guide
Teradata Warehouse Miner requires that certain metadata tables associated with the product be present to operate properly. The Teradata Warehouse Miner metadata tables store information about projects, analyses and attachments created by users. When using Teradata Warehouse Miner, these tables must be present in one of two places:
  • By default, they must be present in the “containing” database (Userid) that you connect with via an ODBC data source. This database is used as the default for the Teradata Warehouse Miner Metadata Database.
  • Optionally, this can be changed to a database other than the “containing” database by changing the name of the “Metadata Database” in the Connection Properties dialog. This is discussed in the following sections.