User Defined Type Support (Teradata Database)

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Limited support is provided for User Defined Types or UDTs. This support consists primarily in providing a SQL element in the Variable Creation Analysis (not available in the Teradata Profiler product) called User Defined Method, with functionality similar to that provided by the User Defined Function SQL element. Both constructor and instance methods are supported. For instance methods, the user may apply a method to a column or expression of the same User Defined Type and may even “chain” method calls together.

User Defined Type support also includes recognizing User Defined Type as a column type, displaying the name of the type when hovering over an available column for various types of analysis, and including the type name in places where type information is displayed. Note, however, that columns of type User Defined Type cannot generally be processed directly by any of the available types of analysis, with the notable exception of the Values analysis (and of course, Variable Creation and Transformation).
Data of User Defined Type cannot be viewed directly in Teradata Warehouse Miner results displays unless it is first cast to a VARCHAR type.