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When a stored procedure is advertised, the metadata entries reflect as far as possible the values of features and parameters that would have been in effect if a procedure wasn't created for the analysis or analyses the procedure represents. When such a procedure is executed, however, with an SQL CALL statement, parameter values may change if the procedure contains parameters, so certain metadata tables require additional entries keyed by the created table or view name. This means that every advertised procedure must contain additional coding lines to update the appropriate Advertise Output metadata tables. If it is later desired to not advertise the tables or views created by a procedure, the procedure will need to be rebuilt without selecting the “advertise output” option. This also means that in order to provide all the information for a table or view created by an advertised procedure, the metadata tables must be joined or combined in various ways to combine the entries originally made for the procedure with those made for its created table or view. This task is performed by the advertise output macros (described in Advertise Output Macros) that are created when the advertise output metadata tables and views are created.