Add/Edit Server Dialog

Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 1Introduction and Profiling

Teradata Warehouse Miner
User Guide

If either the Add or Edit buttons are clicked with a particular server name highlighted, the following screen is displayed:

Connection Properties: Servers tab > Edit Server Dialog

  • Server Name — The state of the Server Name field depends on which version of this dialog has been invoked:
    • Add Server Dialog — The Server Name field must be entered by the user.
    • Edit Server Dialog — The selected Server Name is displayed in read-only fashion and cannot be changed.
  • Description — The Description field is optional.
  • Host ID — The host ID is the URL (without the "https://" or "/login") or IP address of the Teradata AppCenter server. For example, "".
  • User ID — The user ID for logging into the Teradata AppCenter web application.
  • Password — The Password field is optional.
    • If a password is supplied, it is stored in an encrypted form in the Windows Registry and is used along with the Host ID and User ID to log onto an AppCenter server.
    • If a password is not supplied, the user is prompted for the password when publishing to an AppCenter server.

Click OK to save changes and exit, or Cancel to exit without saving any changes.