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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 3Analytic Functions

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February 2018
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  1. On the Association dialog box, click RESULTS.
  2. Click data.
    Association > Results > Data

    Results data, if any, is displayed in a data grid

    An output table is generated for each item pair specified in the Association Combinations option. Each table generated has the form specified below.
    Association Combinations Output Table
    Name Type Definition
    ITEMXOFY User Defined

    Default- Data type of Item Column

    Two or more columns will be generated, depending upon the number of Association Combinations. Together, these form the UPI of the result table. The value for X in the column name is 1 through the number of item pairs specified. The value for Y in the column name is the sum of the number of items specified. For example, specifying Left and Right Association Combinations or <1, 1> will produce two columns: ITEM1OF2, ITEM2OF2. Specifying <1,2> will result in three columns: ITEM1OF3, ITEM2OF3 and ITEM3OF3. The data type is the same as the Item Column.
    LSUPPORT DECIMAL(18,5) The Support of the left-side item or antecedent only.
    RSUPPORT DECIMAL(18,5) The Support of the right-side item or consequent only.
    SUPPORT DECIMAL(18,5) The Support of the association (i.e., antecedent and consequent together).
    CONFIDENCE DECIMAL(18,5) The Confidence of the association.
    LIFT DECIMAL(15,5) The Lift of the association.
    ZSCORE DECIMAL(15,5) The Z-Score of the association.