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The Linear Regression Analysis can display the coefficients and/or T-statistics of the resultant model.

Weights Graph

This graph displays the relative magnitudes of the standardized coefficients and/or the T-statistic associated with each standardized coefficient in the linear regression model. The sign, positive or negative, is portrayed by the colors red or blue respectively. The user may scroll to the left or right to see all the variables in the model. The T-statistic is the ratio of the coefficient value to its standard error, so the larger its value the more reliable the value of the coefficient is.

The following options are available on the Graphics Options tab on the Linear Weights graph:
  • Graph Type — The following can be graphed by the Linear Weights Graph
    • T Statistic — Display the T Statistics on the bar chart.
    • Standardized Coefficient — Display the Standardized Coefficients on the bar chart.
  • Vertical Axis — The user may request multiple vertical axes in order to display separate coefficient values that are orders of magnitude different from the rest of the values. If the coefficients are of roughly the same magnitude, this option is grayed out.
    • Single — Display the Standardized Coefficients or T Statistics on single axis on the bar chart.
    • Multiple — Display the Standardized Coefficients or T Statistics on dual axes on the bar chart.