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Teradata Warehouse Miner User Guide - Volume 3Analytic Functions

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February 2018
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  1. On the Cluster Scoring dialog box, click INPUT.
  2. Click analysis parameters.
    Add New Analysis > Input > Analysis Parameters

  3. On this screen, select:
    • Score Options
      • Include Cluster Membership — The name of the column in the output score table representing the cluster number to which an observation or row belongs can be set by the user. For Fast K-Means, this option must be checked and a column name specified. For other model types, this column can be excluded by clearing the selection box, but if this is done the cluster probability scores must be included.
        • Column Name — Name of the column that is populated with the cluster numbers, but it cannot have the same name as any of the columns in the table being scored.
        • Include Cluster Probability Scores — Specify the prefix of the name of the columns in the output score table representing the probabilities that an observation or row belongs to each cluster. A column is created for each possible cluster, adding the cluster number to this prefix (for example, p1, p2, p3). To exclude these columns, clear the selection box, but you must include the cluster membership number.
          • Column Prefix — Specify a prefix for each column generated (one per cluster) that will be populated with the probability scores. The prefix includes sequential numbers, beginning with 1 and incrementing for each cluster appended to it. If the resultant column conflicts with a column in the table to be scored, an error occurs.