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When the value for Wait-during-delay is not appropriate for the application, you should perform the following procedure before calling DBCHCL.
  1. Set Change-options to 'Y'.
  2. Change the value for Wait-during-delay as follows.
    If CLIv2 is to return control to the application... Then change the value for Wait-during-delay to...
    after communication with the database is restored Y
    as soon as the crash/restart is detected with a Return Code 286 N

The Tell-if-delay and Wait-during-delay DMCAREA options interact as described in the following table.

  N Y
Tell-if-delay N Invalid The application is not informed of the delay and waits for the delay to end.
Tell-if-delay Y For delays due to loss of communication with or a database restart, the application is informed that Tell-if-delay was honored with a final return code 286, and the session will be logged off when the database becomes available (the request may or may not have executed). For delays by Teradata Workload Management, the application receives a response indicating the request was not executed rather than be delayed. The application is informed that Tell-if-delay was honored with a preliminary return code 286, and subsequently receives the response when the delay ends and the request is executed.