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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

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June 2021
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This parcel is never required, and it is unlikely that any application will find it useful.

Allows the database to return data for a LOB inline based on limits specified in the parcel. When present it must be immediately before the Respond, ExtendedRespond, KeepRespond, or ExtendedKeepRespond parcel. The limits specify the maximum size of a single LOB and the maximum size for all LOBs returned for the same row. If either of these limits is exceeded, or if the database, for whatever reason, decides not to honor the LOB Response parcel, a locator for the LOB rather than the LOB data will be returned. When honored, data for the LOB will be returned by one or more SLOB Data parcels, bracketed by a SLOB DataStart and a SLOB DataEnd parcel, all before the EndMultipartRecord parcel. Whether honored or not, the RequestOptions parcel SelectData option must specify some type of locator be returned.

Parcel Data

The following table provides field information for the SLOB Response parcel.

Flavor Mnemonic TRDSPBYR
Field Length Value
215 TRDSPFRC PBYRMLSZ 8-byte unsigned integer Specifies the maximum size parcel that may be returned inline
PBYRMLBR 8-byte unsigned integer Specifies the maximum size of all LOBs for a row that may be returned inline