Creating Synchronization Jobs for Tables from a .CSV File - Teradata Ecosystem Manager

Teradata® Ecosystem Manager User Guide

Teradata Ecosystem Manager
Release Number
December 2020
English (United States)
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Analytical Ecosystem
You can use a .CSV to import Unity managed tables known to Ecosystem Manager and create synchronization jobs using Data Mover.

The following example of a .CSV file shows a database name and table name.

  1. Click next to Tables.
  2. Click Bulk Assign Synchronization CSV.
  3. Click Browse and select a CSV file.
  4. From the Data Mover list, select a server.
  5. [Optional] For Data Mover servers with Daemon-level security enabled, click Edit to enter the credentials.
    The security credentials are not required if security management is disabled for the Daemon.
  6. Click Select Teradata Systems to select Unity managed Teradata systems, enter the database logon credentials and select OK.
  7. Click to select the target and source TDPID combinations for synchronization jobs.
  8. Click to move combinations to the Selected System Combinations list and click OK.
  9. Click Apply to import the tables and create synchronization jobs for the underlying managed tables.
    The Bulk Table Synchronization report shows the synchronization job details for the underlying managed tables. The message column shows an error message if there is an issue while creating a synchronization job.